Thursday, 25 June 2015


NOMMO TRANSLATE is tearing down the language barrier easily and expeditiously. The anytime, anywhere translation and interpretation has been the benchmark set for the development of this app. Regarded as an All-in-One Translator, Nommo Translate app is designed and developed to help people understand different languages in their own native language over a simple and user-friendly interface.

The technology behind the development of this app has allowed Interlingual communication on mobile devices for users who encounter difficulties understanding languages other than their own. Once installed and a profile is set, the user is able to speak into their phones and the app will show instant translation as text on the display screen.

In addition to the app translates manually typed text content and translate it side-by-side. Lastly, after typing the text in user’s language, it can be translated in to the desired language. This feature also helps in two user mode where two individuals can converse in their native language and at the same time can understand each other’s with the help of translation done within the app. Furthermore, you can scan a document in over 60 languages and get it translated with the exception utmost ease and accuracy.

NOMMO TRANSLATE is equivalent to a personal interpreter. Integrated with the most advanced Google API translation engine, the app translates in more than 60 languages with the help of an active internet connection. The history page shows all the translations done and saved through the app for later reference.

No more stuck in a situation or place where you feel language is a barrier. Just speak to your phone to convey a message in a foreign language – while you travel or communicate with a speaker that does not understand your language. NOMMO TRANSLATE is the fastest and easiest translation app in the store, download it today and experience it for yourself.

You can download the app free for Android phone from Google Play and for iPhones from iTunes.